Does your job have flexi-time? What times are you allowed to start in the morning? And what time do you actually come in at?

I can honestly say I’ve had the most invigorating day this year! Instead of getting up at the usual time of 8:00 for work at 9:30 (the latest time allowed), I got out of bed at 6:30. Usually when I wake at this time I press snooze every 5 minutes until it comes to 8:00. Despite not getting any quality sleep in that time, I still feel a real challenge to get out of bed and wonder why the hell I do this…

Showered and in to work for 8:15! My boss was impressed! Instead of being the one everyone tuts at, I get a quick “morning” then a stare for being there before them!

Before I realised, it was lunch time. For some strange reason I felt unusually focused on the work, and took only a 30 minute lunch before getting straight back into it. And then 4:15 came. 7 and a half hours already! Got back home at 5:00 which allowed enough time to fix up my bike, make dinner (instead of a microwave meal) and finally get round to writing more in this blog! And its still 15 minutes before I’d usually finish work!

This has shown me quite how much difference an hour and a half can make. If you find you never have enough hours in the day and always getting in at the latest possible time, how about setting your alarm earlier in the morning? So what if your flexi-time is only 9:00~9:30, or you dont have this facility? Do still get up early! With an extra hour in the morning you could take care of a couple of chores, read or prepare your evening meal.

With that time you could accomplish more in the morning, leaving time in the evening to accomplish even more. Now where’s that alarm clock…

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