Following on from my previous post ‘The virtues of an early start’ I find myself on day 3. Getting back from work about 4:45 instead of 7:00, I find I have lots of energy left to do other things that I would otherwise never find the time to do.

With this in mind, I have set an aim for myself of writing 1 post every two days until I go on holiday to Hong Kong on April 8th. This leaves me with 30 days from now, equating to 15 posts.

For me this seems like a huge commitment, considering that this is 5 times more than the amount of posts I’ve previously written!

The biggest difficulties I have considered are: Time and Content. Will I have enough time to spend writing one entry every two days for 30 days? And will I be able to write enough interesting content?

Time for me feels the biggest issue. By time I mean free time in which I feel fine to use my mind for creative output. By waking up early I have realised quite how much extra time there is now available to me. But how much of that time can I give to thinking and writing? There are always other things which need attending to; such as household chores, shopping, repairing the car and seeing friends and family.

Content is the other major issue. I have only written when I’ve had a particular burning desire to, so what if there are times when I just have no inclination to write about something?

Instead of just hoping for the best, I have decided to take actions to address these issues by asking myself a question. ‘Why am I doing this?’

The reason why I started a website is because I want to become happier person. I become happy by doing things which make me happy. The thought of making other people happy is something that makes me happy! A website would help me achieve this by allowing my views and content to be shared throughout the world. It will help me articulate and shape vague ideas I have floating about.

When it comes to ideas, I always have countless half-baked wonderings and plans just waiting to be realised into something. The trouble is of course that they either get forgotten in favor of ‘real life’ events such as work, or because I haven’t thought about them properly a clear articulation is impossible and never comes into existence.

By imposing this aim of writing an entry once every two days for 30 days, it will lead me into a practise of thinking, planning and writing; valuable communication skills which will not only benefit me but also the reader.

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