Martin Ogg CV. Last updated 21/11/2017

Martin Ogg

Software Developer looking for a full time iOS / mobile role in London

Portfolio: Portfolio app on App, on Google


  • 5 years experience native mobile development with iOS / Objective C and  Android / Java
  • 3 years experience with mobile cross-platform development such as Unity, COCOS2DX and React Native
  • 3 years experience in C++
  • Project planning, time estimates, discussing ideas and issues with managers/clients
  • Working in various team sizes with different disciplines


Self Employed Mobile App Development (Apr 2017 – Current)

  • Ported earlier Language study (StudyNWalk, and information reference apps (PlantDictionary, to React Native (JS) and Google Firebase for backend
  • Downloadable language packs for StudyNWalk, using Firebase storage
  • Added Anonymous login for Likes and Download/View counts of items to determine popular user rated items
  • Implemented unique content on different builds, based on build selectors compatible with Android Studio build flavours and Xcode Targets
  • Implemented a caching content system for additional content pages that can be updated remotely, using JSON and JSON schema. Content can be Text, embedded webpages (for videos), link out to external browser or drill down to other content pages.


iOS Developer for LifeWorks, London (Nov 2016 – Mar 2017)

  • Mobile apps and web white-label social networking platform for company employees
  • Part of a 6 man iOS dev team, working with a 10 man multi-discipline “feature team”
  • iOS Development using XCode using Objective C and Swift
  • Using MVVM with Testing
  • AGILE Development using JIRA and Github workflow with bi-weekly sprint cycle

Mobile Apps developer for Hubio Solutions, Dundee (Aug 2015 – Oct 2016)

  • Mobile app UBI Solutions (Usage Based Insurance) for Vehicle tracking and driving analysis
  • Part of a 5 man mobile development team on continuously developed singular code base for a number of bespoke branded apps with varying functionality
  • Cross platform development using COCOS2DX (Lua and C++)
  • Platform specific in Objective C and Java in XCode and Eclipse
  • Project build script maintenance in Python
  • Visualisation using 3D maps platform EEGEO and Google Maps
  • UI work using CocosStudio tool

Self Employed Mobile App Development, approx 40,000 downloads across 40 apps (Sep 2012 – Aug 2015)

StudyNWalk, Flashcard Learning apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

  • Native app programming (Java/Objective C) and UNITY3D (C#) versions
  • Combines text and mp3 voice samples from Google Translate API, held locally on device with SQLite DB
  • Using MVP Approach to continuously upgrade and release versions/content based on feedback loop
  • Monetization methods with IAP for content and Ads
  • Developed internal tool chain to rapidly generate data for flashcards from online sources. Turnaround time for new app deployment down to 8 hours.
  • Google Analytics Integration to measure usage statistics, engagement
  • USP: option to study without looking at the screen by use of voice samples and intuitive UI

Dictionary Apps (e.g Plants Dictionary) on iOS and Android

  • Spinoff app from StudyNWalk, showing pictures and descriptions for locally stored content. Links to Wiki articles for more information.
  • Developed internal tool using Mono/C#/GTK# to create content using Wikipedia API for RAD and test new markets.
  • App development using Native platforms, Java and Objective C on Android and iOS

iOS Programmer for Ashley Associates(Creative Action), Tokyo (Jul 2011 – Aug 2012) 1 year

  • Part of a 10 man development team (approx 3 months per project)
  • iPad programming in Objective C using XCode
  • Start-to-end on bespoke iOS projects for corporate customers
  • Project planning, Time lines, Budgets, Feasibility skills
  • Software Development, Bug fixing, Maintenance, Discussions with end-clients
  • Multi-user projects with connections to custom servers / Sharepoint

Self Employed Freelance Contractor, Tokyo         (Oct 2010 – Jun 2011) 9 months

  • Consulting with Clients on a One-to-one basis on multiple projects (2/3 month scope)
  • Project planning, Timelines, Budgets, Feasibility skills
  • Software Development, Bug fixing, Maintenance, Discussions with end-clients
  • iPhone: Objective C using XCode on Mac
  • Android: JAVA using Eclipse on Ubuntu Linux and Mac
  • Learned new languages and methodologies as required. i.e. A back-end server required a LAMP server using PHP / mySQL, graphics using COCOS2D middleware

C++ Programmer for QinetiQ, Edinburgh, UK (Mar 2008 – Aug 2010) 2.5 years

  • Dealing with Military Government sensitive data (UK SECRET security clearance)
  • Part of a 10 man team developing and using proprietary software for Simulation of Weapons Attacks on Military ships and submarines.
  • C++ Development on a Visual Studio multi project solution with MFC.
  • Ongoing work on a 15 year old project. Maintenance, New features, Bug fixing, consultation with local and external users/customers.
  • Library and DLL project linking within Visual Studio
  • Linking and Debugging FORTRAN legacy code to solution (Intel IVF)
  • Integration of a 3rd party 3D Renderer IRRLICHT to upgrade data visualization

Games Programmer for Cohort Studios, Dundee, UK (Jun 2006–Jun 2007) 1 year

  • Working in groups with multiple disciplines (Programmers, Artists, Planners, Leads) to implement medium scale projects (approx. 4 months per project, 20 members per team)
  • Programming in C++ for games on PS2, PS3 and PC
  • Using Windows ProDG tool chain and Codewarrior IDE on PS2/PS3 dev kits
  • DirectX in Visual Studio for PC Game
  • Internal Audio tool development in C#
  • Titles: Motorstorm PS3, Go!Puzzle PS3, Buzz Jr Dino Den PS2, Audi TT PC minigame

Graduate Software Engineer for NCR, Dundee, UK (Oct 2005 – May 2006) 6 months

  • One of two programmers in a 6 man team ‘Fluiditi’, specializing in ICS (cash security systems for ATMs)
  • Work in embedded C for low-end micro-controller firmware
  • Finding interesting solutions on a limited processor (limited call stack, one break point only)
  • Maintenance for legacy systems


2001 – 2005 Abertay University, Dundee, UK

Bsc Computer Games Technology +Hons (2.1 classification)

  • C++ programming on Windows (Visual Studio) and PlayStation (Codewarrior IDE)
  • Graphics theory and programming (DirectX / OpenGL)
  • Maths/Algorithms (Physics, Statistics, Logical problem solving)
  • Japanese language

1995 – 2001 Harris Academy Secondary School, Dundee, UK

  • 3 SYS (A-Level equiv.) inc. Maths & Computing
  • 5 Higher inc. Business Studies, English & Physics


  • Chinese conversational ability. HSK Level 2
  • Japanese conversational ability. JLPT Level N3
  • White Paper Published in CGAMES2005 journal (Game Level Design using Music Feature Extraction) – produced from final year uni dissertation
  • Patent awarded from NCR in Wireless security/communication technology (2006)
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