Martin OggI do 3 things


  • Computer Software

My major at university and lifetime hobby has been making computer games. On the day I was born my dad bought a Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer and I’ve been given stories about when I was 3 years old I used to try to program it to make interesting things happen on the living room TV set. This of course has flourished into a career in Computer Software, working on some very cool projects along the way.

Over time I got more involved with Computer Science and now my interests lie in discovering and implementing new strategies to solve a problem. Whether it be a new programming language,how to sort a list in (O) N Log N time, or learning about the Decorator pattern. There is a huge wealth of skillful craftsmanship that goes into the end-products we take for granted every day. When I’m reading about a new technique or playing with a new development environment platform and it suddenly “clicks” I am just amazed at the elegance and the power and opportunity this gives.

  • Languages

Growing up, I was never exposed to any serious foreign language learning. By chance however, I started studying Japanese at university. I was mesmerised. People somewhere in the world actually understood these strange pictures and noises as communication and could even reply in it. It was like a secret society and I wanted in.

What I didn’t realise at the time is the huge barrier I was about to unlock by being able to get closer to foreign people and cultures than I could possibly have done by only speaking English. The lexical and cultural flexibility of humans is truly remarkable and I love finding out about new ways of thinking or problem solving.

Q. You do 3 things? Whats the 3rd thing? 

I mix things together to produce AWESOME results.

  • By taking a year out to study Chinese, I tailor-made my own education system that allowed me to more than Triple my speed of learning a Language, using technology (and developing my own) to allow me to actively learn whilst drinking coffee at a shop, walking along the street and whilst taking the train or bus. Learning is now an addiction to me!
  • I earned enough money in One Year to live off for Four Years. I turned my life into a huge adventure of opportunities and new ideas to explore, yet still being able to do important things like being able to eat and buying a house and car.
  • By sharing my ideas and taking interest in other people’s ideas, I can make contributions that can help others with their own challenges and continually push myself to do greater things.

Q. Cute. But what do you really do ? 

My efforts are heading towards Native Mobile App and Web development. Take a look at my portfolio page. I’ve been primarily working on my own Web site, Apps and accompanying back-end services for over 2 years, but always looking out for new opportunities for working with people. Give me a shout and we can have a coffee or Skype and talk about what you are looking to do. Or just to catch up and lament about how people only play casual games these days!

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