EBA E-Brochure App


E-Brochure App

E-Brochure App downloads and displays bespoke content to your phone or tablet suitable for promoting your brand and material.

This interactive experience allows the user to swipe left and right to look through a catalogue of pictures and text. Swipe up to drill down and see more details information about a particular.

A search feature is also provided to get to specific data at any point.

Once the app is “Launched” it limits the options to view only the content loaded. This makes an ideal display app with options only to view the brochure. To get back to the full options, restart the app.

Bespoke brochures may be downloaded into the app. This will remain in the app offline so it can be used anywhere.

The user may also provide an email address in order to receive more information. Tap on the More Info button on any screen.



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