Learn absolutely anywhere you can use your mobile phone or device! You can even Learn whilst walking!

Becoming fluent is tough. StudyNWalk Flashcards helps you to get there quicker.Simulator Screen Shot 5 Aug 2017, 00.16.54_iphone7plusjetblack_portrait

StudyNWalk allows you to learn anywhere you can use your phone.

StudyNWalk is an SRS Flashcard app, similar toAnki, Memrise and Duolingo but has a streamlined interface that allows you to keep improving even when you can’t look at the screen!

You can choose from a massive selection of topics to download, including:

– Spanish
– Japanese vocabulary and sentences for JLPT
– Chinese vocabulary and sentences for HSK
– French
– German
– Italian
– Korean
– Portuguese
– Romanian
– 英文 (Learn English from Chinese)

And other topics..
– English Alphabet Positions
– Capital Cities
– Multiplication tables
– Plants names in English and Latin

If theres something you want but can’t see, please contact us and we can put it up for you to download.

Available NOW!



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