I have decided to change the focus of this blog. I had hoped to make this into a personal development website initially, but instead I will make this just a site about my own personal development.

I hoped to make this a site where I could help people with their lives. In some way I’d have hoped to have a site where people could read the stories of my own life which would keep people coming back for more. At the same time I anticipated site traffic and hopefully some income from advertising! (generated $7 in total so far, about 4 months. Not bad 🙂 )
However, I am finding now that I do not have so much to be talking about past experiences. Recently I have been looking forward to learning and experiencing more. I’d like to use this blog more as a focus point to my interests and learning.
At the same time I am seeing that the success of income generation from this site has not gone to plan. The intention was to give readers a reason to come look at this site; to get something from it. In this way we would all benefit; me from revenue and readers from reading it.

One good thing about having a small site is the ease of which to change it if things dont work out. I am also seeing that I would rather focus on improving myself and I would like to change this site to reflect that. I will continue to blog about my life and interesting things I find, but I think the focus for justnow is about my own self improvement. The millions of dollars of passive income from the site will just have to wait..

Interestingly enough I listened to a podcast today by Tal Ben Shahar, called Happier. In it he explains the concept of the currency of happyness and how goals in life all lead to the ultimate goal of becoming happy in life. So in fact my goal of making a popular website has ultimately the same goal as making a website that makes me happy to have written one… we are all aiming for happyness one way or another. How long will it take you to realise that money isn’t the only way?

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