Hi and welcome to martinogg.com

This is draft 2 of my introduction. Let me show you what I wrote first time round..

“I am a computer programmer and have been working for 3 years or so since graduating from university in 2005. I have been working in various companies (check my CV page) and I have been at QinetiQ, Edinburgh for just about a year now.

I started this website because I would like to look more into personal development and learn the skills associated with it.”

A self introduction might be a reasonable way to start a weblog but I went to get something to eat and when I came back to this I realised this was wrong. Why am I creating a weblog ? Is it only to tell everyone who I am and how great I am?

Recent events have started me thinking about where I am in life and how happy people are. Work-loads are ever increasing and free time is diminishing for everyone. People’s valueable savings over the years have collapsed in months due to the financial crisis. People buy expensive mobile phones on 18 month tariffs to find the phone doesn’t work most of the time and you dont use much of your 1200 minutes a month tariff. Whats the point any more ?

So why am I creating this weblog? I want to make you happy. Making you happy makes me happy. To do this I need help first. I realised that my skill set is not good enough to help anyone except computers to run software, so work needs to be done to become more helpful with other people.

I have just changed the title from “Introduction” to what it is now. Why should you read this blog? Because I am going to make your life great! And if its already great, I am going to make it even greater. Unfortunately I dont yet know what needs to be done to enable this, but in the next post I will let you know!

If you have any comments then drop me a line. martin@martinogg.com or just comment on this post.

Martin Ogg

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