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20747654_10155663686953384_1358427713_o_motorola-motog-portraitMeet For Coffee

Meet Interesting New People, Face to face, in a Convenient, Comfortable and Safe way. Make new friends and discuss topics you love

Lets Have Coffee enables you to meet interesting new people in a convenient, comfortable and safe way. Organise a casual 20-30 minute coffee meet up to share ideas and experiences, learn new skills and make new friends.

Moving to a new city? Going on holiday to an unexplored new place? Why not see who’s around and meet someone who has experience of the local area to let you know about the trendy places! Likewise, if you know the area, meet a newcomer and share your favourite places over a good cuppa.

Or do you want to learn a new language? How about a language exchange meet up? Take turns talking the other language and get insights into other cultures and lives

Whatever you love to chat about, Lets Have Coffee helps you find others into the same thing.

Don’t like coffee? Well, how about a tea, or a beer instead? You can organise together the meeting time and place that suits you both

Register now to find who’s already waiting to meet up and have a good chat sometime!



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